How to Add Google CAPTCHA in Registration Form in PHP

Add Google Captcha to the registration form in PHP

In this tutorial, We will learn How to integrate Google Captcha in PHP form. Registration form data have been validated with Google Captcha is required, which is used for preventing spam or bots filled in their website form. Google CAPTCHA is very simple to verify that he is human not a bot. The Users can verify just in a single click for that they are not a robot.

Step by step guide for How to add Google Captcha in registration form

How to get google site key and secret key?

To get Google Captcha API Key, first you have a Google account. If you have a Google account, then login into your Google account and visit the Google reCaptcha official link.

Fill all the details like. Label, reCaptcha type, Enter your domain name in which you want to integrate Google reCaptcha, Click on the accept reCaptcha term and condition and click on the submit button.

add Google Captcha in registration form
integrate Google reCaptcha

Once you click on the submit button you will get your site key and secret key.

Google site key and secret key.

Add the below Google reCaptcha v2 API key in your web page in the header section.

Google reCaptcha API

We will design our registration form in the index.php file. So, in index file first we need to add the below the google reCAPTCHA v2 javascript library in the header section.


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