Introduction to Google Cloud Platform

In this tutorial, we’ll learn about the Google Cloud Platform, which was originally built to power Google’s own applications and is now available to you.

The Google Cloud Platform Tutorial will cover all the important concepts of Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Google Cloud Platform is a set of cloud computing services provided by Google that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses for its end user products like, YouTube, Gmail, Photo and more.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

What is Cloud?

Google Cloud is just a remote computer, owned by Google which provides storage or computing power, that any one can use.

What is Cloud Computing?

Google Cloud Computing is a model for managing, storing data and processing the data online from anywhere anytime. It is a paradigm that allows on demand Networks Access to shared Computing Resources.

Cloud computing applications and platforms are rapidly growing across all industries.

Cloud computing is use of hardware and software components which a cloud provider offers as a service which can be accessed over network. Cloud Computing is use of these resources which could be either dedicated resources or coming from a pool of resources which cloud provider offers to deliver a service to clients. users can access these different services applications files from any device which can basically access Internet.

Cloud computing allows automatic software integration it allows backing up and restoring of data it basically offers unlimited storage memory or computation capacity. It gives access to reliable sources which usually the cloud provider they are using for their use case and it is a cost-efficient model which helps organizations to quickly integrate or basically modernize their infrastructure.

Cloud computing offers broad network access that is accessing the sources over the network across geography regions or what we call as availability zones which might be multiple sites within a particular geographical region. Cloud providers also have what we call as a resource pooling so this basically provides a huge pool of resources which are shared and can be accessed by customers at a lower cost. now there might be customers, which are interested in not sharing the resources and would be interested in dedicated resources and

This case cloud provider also has sole tenant offerings which help such customers. If an IT business or any other business needs rapid elasticity then cloud providers also have resources which are offered which are elastic you can get more resources rapidly as needed and thus you can scale up and down.

Famous Cloud Providers

Famous Cloud Providers

  1. Google Cloud Platform
  2. Amazon Webservices
  3. Microsoft Azure
  4. Oracle
  5. SAP
  6. Salesforce

Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud platform, it is a set of cloud computing services provided by Google that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses and for its end-user products like YouTube Gmail and so on.

Benefits of Google cloud platform such as high productivity working from anywhere quick collaboration high security fewer data stored on vulnerable devices reliable resources which can be used across organization across geographical regions across countries.

cloud computing services provided by Google

Google Cloud Platform Services

  1. Compute
  2. Storage and database
  3. Networking
  4. Big Data
  5. Developer tools
  6. Identity and security
  7. Internet of Things
  8. Cloud AI
  9. Management tools
  10. Data transfer

Let’s discuss in brief.


Under Compute we have four major products which have been offered by the Google Cloud Platform

  1. App Engine
  2. Compute Engine
  3. Kubernetes Engine
  4. Cloud Functions
  5. Cloud Run
  6. VMware Engine
Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine

App Engine

You can deploy your web applications your large-scale applications without any problem of managing the backend infrastructure. App Engine is meant for complex and large-scale Applications.

Compute Engine

Compute Engine offers a platform to run your virtual machines or virtual servers on Google Cloud.

Kubernetes Engine

Google has its own GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) which is inbuilt and which offers Kubernetes technologies to all the Google Cloud users. Using GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) you can run containerised applications on Google Cloud.

Cloud Functions

Cloud function is very similar to app engine, but in cloud function you can use for single purpose light weight applications.

Google Cloud Storage Service

In the Google Cloud Storage Service we have various services or various products provided to crunch your data or to store your data in the cloud.

Google Cloud Storage Service

Under Google Cloud Storage Service we have four major products which have been offered by the Google Cloud Platform.

  1. Big Table
  2. Cloud Storage
  3. Cloud SQL
  4. Cloud SPANNER
  5. Cloud Data Store

Big Table

Big Table is No SQL database. No SQL database where you can not apply the concept of traditional relational database. So, data which is not structured which is Big Table, which is partially populated data, which is not acid compliance, all such kind of data is stored in Big Table.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is a drive such as your computer (C or D drive). It is an Object storage where you can store all kind of objects files, CSV, XLS, PDF, Images, Video logs etc.  It is a concept of bucket so within storage you have multiple buckets like you have multiple folders where you have to store your data.

Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL is a Relational database with limited scale on Google Cloud Platform which is easily corelated with day-to-day relational database like MySQL, Oracle, SQL etc. All the relational database need fulfilled by the Google Cloud Database.


Fully managed relational database with unlimited scale (Big data capability), You can consider if you combine Big Table and Cloud SQL so it’s made Cloud Spanner. Cloud Spanner is used for massive database need like massive amount of data, massive performance.

Cloud Data Store

Cloud Data Store is a subset of Cloud Big Table because what Big Table cannot provide is some of the provided by Cloud Data Store. A Cloud Data store fixes on top of Big Table technology with slight SQL Support. Although it is a No SQL Database it still gives you some flexibility of using SQL Queries, Indexes etc.

Google Cloud Big Data

Google Cloud product is Big Data

Another important Google Cloud product is Big Data. Under the Big Data the most famous product is listed below.  

  1. Big Query
  2. Cloud Pub/Sub
  3. Cloud Dataflow
  4. Cloud Data Catalog

Big Query

Big Query is a Google Cloud platform Data ware house solution. Big Query is a serverless, Highly Scalable and cost-effective cloud data ware house designed to help taking business decisions.

Big Query is a Google Cloud platform Data ware house solution where you can run your data analytics, Data load, and you can store your massive amount of data in Big Query Data ware house. When you need data ware house or Data Lake you will an option to used Big Query.


Pub/Sub is used to streaming data into the Google Cloud Platform. If you require to analyse any live data. In this case Pub/Sub is a good middleware to stream the data from source system and ingested on Google platform.

Data Flow

Data Flow is simply be considered as a ETL products like Informatica, Datastage etc. This helps you extract transform load data. It also helps to extract batch data and streaming data at the same time and you can also create data flows within Google cloud Platform.

Data Catalog (Metadata Management Service)

Data Catalog is a metadata management service. Data Catalog is a highly scalable Data discover and metadata management service that empowers organizations to quickly discover, understand, and manage all their data in Google Cloud.

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