Free html contact form template

How to create a simple HTML contact form and download a free HTML contact page.

create a simple HTML contact form

More and more people do business on-line. An internet site is one of the greatest methods to show your products or brand online. Giving your guests the flexibility to contact you simply by a contact web page is essential to good customer support – web designers should take note of contact web page design. The contact web page is one of the simplest ways for a customer to reach out to you.

With the help of an HTML contact form, we gather the user’s information like Name, Email Id, Contact Number, and message. The HTML contact form also helps the user to connect with us.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create two attractive and simple HTML contact form.

HTML Contact form 1

Light HTML Contact form

Bootstrap Library

Add the below bootstrap library in the header section of index.html.

You can download the bootstrap library files from officails website.

  1. bootstrap-css
  2. bootstrap.min.js
  3. fontawesome-all.min

HTML Form Code

First of all, we need to create index.html. The index.html contains all the HTML code. Paste the below HTML code on it.

CSS Code

The CSS styles to use with the html contact form above.

HTML Contact form 2

Contact us form

The HTML Code for Contact form 2

To design the contact form 2 we need to create the index.html file and paste the below html and css code on it.

The CSS code for Contact form 2

Feel free to make use of the HTML contact form of it any way you wish, and customize it to your personal projects. 

You can also download the full source code from the download link.