Review Page Design in HTML5 Download

Review page design with star rating and feedback page design using CSS

Review page design with star rating and feedback page design

A review page or feedback page is basically used to display the customer’s feedback on any product or service on any company website. Review ratings are useful resources for customers to find the best service or products and the most popular brands as quickly and easily as possible. Review pages on your websites help companies find areas for improvement and try to improve the customer experience.

When using rating portals, opinions are frequently expressed as standardized, quantifiable ratings like stars or scores. These quantitative evaluations are typically supported by free text comments outlining the brand or consumer experience.

So, In this tutorial, I am going to explain how to create a Review page using HTML and CSS.

Features of Review page design

  1. Fully Responsive
  2. Easy to customize and user friendly
  3. Clean Code
  4. All Device support (desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile-friendly)
  5. Only pure HTML and CSS, no Javascript or any other external plugins
  6. SEO-Friendly Review page design
  7. Easy to setup and usability
  8. Free to use
  9. Free Font awesome icons integrated
  10. Cross-browser compatibility (supported by all browsers)

How to use the Review page design?

This Review page design is very simple to use on any website. If you know the basic HTML and CSS. Then you can easily use it on any website. This Review page design is fully responsive and supported by all browsers. This star rating system with feedback page design, create using HTML and CSS.

Follow the steps to create a Review page design or Feedback page design in HTML CSS

Before starting the HTML code, we need to add the bootstrap CSS and the font Awesome library to the head section of your website.


This section will contain all the HTML codes that will help you create the basic structure of the Review page design or the Feedback page design.

CSS Code


Hope this tutorial, will help you to create a Responsive Review Page Design in HTML. You can download the full code of product review page design, and layout here. If you have any problems using this snippet, please comment below.

 Responsive Review Page Design in HTML

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