Bootstrap Automatic Slider free Download

Bootstrap Automatic Slider free (Bootstrap Carousel) Download Source code, Demo available at bottom

Bootstrap Automatic Slider free (Bootstrap Carousel) Download Source code

In this article, I am going to explain step by step Bootstrap Automatic slider (Bootstrap Carousel) using Bootstrap CSS, JS Library and Animation CSS.

Bootstrap Carousel Slider Features

Bootstrap Automatic Slider features are listed below.

  1. Image Slider (Add Multiple Images)
  2. Full Width Slider
  3. Bootstrap Slider
  4. Navigation (next/prev) option available
  5. Add unlimited Images
  6. Captions and Title
  7. Add Hyperlinks for redirection
  8. Automatic Slideshow
  9. Bootstrap Carousel slideshow
  10. Carousel Indicators
Bootstrap Carousel

Following steps to create Bootstrap Carousel are:

Create index.html and paste it the below Boostrap library file in the header section.


Paste it the below HTML code in the body section.

CSS Style

Javascript Library

Add the below Javascript library in footer section.

Now save the index.html and check in browsers.

Bootstrap Automatic Slider

Bootstrap Automatic Slider free (Bootstrap Carousel) full Source Code

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