How to design Bootstrap Vertical Tab

How to design Bootstrap Vertical Tab?

How to design Bootstrap Vertical Tab

In this tutorial, we will learn How to design Bootstrap Vertical Tab using Bootstrap 5 and Javascript. Basically, Bootstrap Tabs is used to display the content on a single page web application or on a web page in an organized manner.

We can design vertical tabs using Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML elements are used to design the structure of the vertical tabs and their content in paragraphs <p> and using an <img src=””> Image tag to display the image. The styling is performed using bootstrap CSS. At the click of each Vertical Tab button, the tabs display their respective content.

Source Code and Live demo link for Vertical Tab are available at the bottom section

Bootstrap Vertical Tab

Bootstrap Vertical Tab

Before writing the HTML code we need to add the below Bootstrap CSS, JS library and font-awesome in the header section in index.html

CSS Library

JS Library

The following HTML code used to design the simple HTML structure of Bootstrap Vertical Tab with tab buttons and its contents in the form of an image, heading and paragraph. The HTML code are:


CSS Code

The following CSS code is the styles.css file that is used for the styling of the index.html page and the tabs with tab content.

Full Source Code for Bootstrap Vertical Tab

Full Source Code for Bootstrap Vertical Tab

Hope this tutorial will help you to create Bootstrap Vertical Tab. Please share and like. Thank You

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