Owl Carousel Slider Bootstrap 5 Example

Owl Carousel Slider Bootstrap 5

owl carousel slider example

The OWL Carousel Slider is a fully responsive and highly customizable and Carousel Slider. The Owl carousel can be used to display products on your website. The OWL Carousel slider is also supported YouTube or Vimeo videos that help to display video galleries on your web pages.

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Features of Owl Carousel Slider

  1. Highly Customizable
  2. Support YouTube and Vimeo Videos
  3. Touch swipes navigation
  4. Infinity slides loop
  5. Used multiple instances in one page
  6. Fully Responsive
  7. Mobile Supported

Owl carousel slider Source code and Owl carousel slider example link are available at the bottom.

How to create Owl Carousel Slider Bootstrap 5?

We can create an Owl Carousel slider by using Bootstrap and javascript. Now in this tutorial I am going to create a Responsive Owl Carousel by using Bootstrap and Javascript.

Steps to create Owl Carousel Responsive slider

First, we need to add the bootstrap library in our index.html file.

owl carousel slider bootstrap 4

Step 1: HTML Code

I am going to use use the Bootstrap html code to design the responsive card. You can also use the same code which is available in the Bootstrap official website.

Step 2: Javascript Library

Add the below JavaScript library in your footer section.


Step 3: Customize CSS for Card

Now I am going to write style.css to design the attractive mobile friendly card. The CSS code snippets given below.


Full Source code for automatic Owl Carousel Slider Bootstrap 5

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Download the full source code for owl carousel slider example