Pricing Table Design Bootstrap 5

Pricing Table Design Bootstrap 5

Pricing Table Design Bootstrap

Pricing table play important role for any company website to display our products or services. The Pricing table must be simple but clearly differentiate between prices and features of different products and services.

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Your Pricing table is the most important pages of your company website, it is worth optimizing your pricing page for conversions, because this is one of the places where you can show your services and product along with different prices.

In this article, I will explain how to create Pricing Table Design Bootstrap 5. I am using Bootstrap 5 for card designing and fontawesome for icon.

Before starting the coding part first we have to add the following library in the header section which is easily available in internet.

Demo and Source code link is available at the bottom section

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Pricing table card Design  bootstrap

The HTML Code

The following HTML code is used to design the simple structure for Pricing table.

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The CSS Style

The following CSS is used to design the Pricing table card.

Full HTML Code

Hope this article will help you to design the Pricing Table Design Bootstrap 5.

Download Source of Pricing Table Design Here